Power dating games pros and cons of dating older man

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Power dating games

I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now and most of the comments are great to read as well.

The one thing that bothers me a little is the sense I get from your posts and the comments that men have all the power in the dating/relationship game and it’s always the woman chasing the man for a date/relationship/marriage/babies/etc. It hasn’t been all bad, nor am I saying that I’m unattractive or in some way undesirable enough that I can’t get any woman to like me.

As men and women, we can sometimes go to extraordinary lengths to look our best on a date.

We make sure we smell amazing, that our hair is done to perfection, generally spending far too long in the bathroom! Simply because we wouldn’t put in all this effort if we weren’t going on a date.

Typically guys will go on a first date and act as if they have unlimited money to burn.

We play these games because on some level they are all aspirational.

Men want to be able to splash out on the woman they are with and not even have to think about it.

This is the exact same thing I tell my “nice women” who have given away their power to men. It’s a good reminder that dating is a struggle for men just like it is for women.

I have to agree with Evan on the solution to the OP’s problem.

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I’m an average-looking (perhaps above average-looking) guy who isn’t very tall (5’7”).