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Italy disable dating sites

These day in summer, thousands of holidaying Italians also descend on Puglia's beaches.

The best time to go is June or September when the heat is at its more bearable and the crowds have gone home. Lecce is often billed as the Florence of the south, thanks to an abundance of buildings constructed in a very florid style of Mediterranean Baroque.

The basilica is best viewed at night when its painstakingly carved exterior is floodlit.

The Government may also pass on any EU fine to the local authorities, meaning that "failing councils" would be responsible for their share of fines reaching £180m a year – £500,000 a day – until the directive's demands are met.

The region that forms the heel of Italy is famous for its golden beaches, ancient architecture, mysterious monuments and some of the best food around. The region of Puglia, also known as Apulia, occupies the extreme south-eastern tip of the country.

Fought over for centuries, it is now starting to draw the crowds. Bordered on two sides by the Ionian and Adriatic seas, Puglia is a long sliver of land that stretches from the border with Molise in the north to Capo Santa Maria di Leuca in the south.

It opens Monday-Saturday, 9am-2pm and Sundays 9am-1.30pm. This is a spectacular network of caves carved out by an underground stream and stretching several kilometres underground.

There are two different tours to see the soaring stalactites and stalagmites.

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