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Australian punk dating

They’ve seen him write self-pitying songs about how sad he is and idolised him for it. If you’re in a band, it’s even more ok, because you are a tortured artist and the pain and suffering of these women is really in the service of art.

As a man in a band, you are entitled to the bodies and minds and trust of these girls. It’s like groupies, but less Almost Famous and more creepy.

The ones who are seeking music out, who are wanting to stake some claim to punk rock, or an underground avenue, for a way out, a way under, to sate the seemingly unquenchable, nameless need — the same need I came to punk rock with.”Jessica Hopper was concerned about the cultural effects this toxic misogyny would have on young women engaging with creating their own art.

In the mid-2000s, when Australian emo band The Getaway Plan was at the peak of their fame, their tour manager John Zimmerman was using his proximity to said fame to groom and rape 55 teenage girls, many as young as 14.

Nearly all of his victims were fans of The Getaway Plan, and more than once he promised his victims that they would get to join the band on tour and meet the members.

The lyrics sung by their heroes and in bands like Brand New, Fall Out Boy, Weezer and New Found Glory set them up as prey for sensitive emo men.

In 2003 Jessica Hopper wrote about the rise of commercial emo, and the complete contempt with which the male songwriters operating in this genre viewed women.

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Camp Cope’s new single The Opener is a scathing take-down of the emotional abuse and misogyny perpetrated by men who feel incredibly uncomfortable when women encroach on places they see as “theirs” — the stage, festival lineups, big venues.

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