Attleboro mutual liquidating trust

Posted by / 10-May-2018 21:54

Attleboro mutual liquidating trust

For example: a trust into which a decedent’s business is placed to safeguard the business until it can be sold off.

The purpose of a liquidating trust is liquidation as soon as the circumstances will permit.

The mechanics of transitioning to a liquidating trust are straightforward, but are not standard fare for these high priced professionals.

When making the decision to proceed with a managed liquidation of your company, as with most difficult business decisions required of Board and Management teams, taking the first step can be the hardest. Simply contact our team to discuss your company’s situation.

BCSB’s commercial-to-consumer lending ratio is now roughly 50-50.

Attleboro Mutual Liquidating Trust has slightly less assets when compared to other nonprofits in Massachusetts.

For companies with certain types of illiquid but valuable intellectual property, the liquidating trust’s simplicity and lower cost can make it superior to other alternatives.

The Trust also received proceeds from its previously announced settlement with former Directors and Officers.

The funds from WMI were already on deposit at WMB, so the transfer increased the amount of regulatory capital on WMB's balance sheet but did not address WMB's liquidity shortage.

For example, for a small biotech with drug development programs out licensed to third parties, the liquidating trust can be a cost effective way to collect milestones and royalties for a period of time while open issues are resolved and a transaction can be closed to monetize the licensor interest.

In the role of liquidating trustee, (beginning before the trust is formed) we administer and manage the liquidating trust to sell remaining assets, settle open contracts, pay creditors and distribute any available funds to the company’s former stockholders. On the contrary, we prefer to be retained early enough in the wind down process to avoid insolvency and transition smoothly from the public entity to the liquidating trust structure.

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